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February 2019

Letters For Naming Your 2019 Foals: J K or L

Exciting New Inspection Tour News!

For the 2019 Inspection season, our USA lead judge, the Honorable Judith K. Warner, will be judging exclusively for FHS. Because of her availability, we have the unique opportunity to select the dates that we would like to have for our inspection. To fully take advantage of this, we would like to ask our members when YOU would like to have an inspection. We know that everyone is busy during the summer and fall, but perhaps with input from our members, we can schedule an inspection tour at YOUR convenience to allow participation by those of you who may not otherwise be able to attend because of timing, etc. Please send your date requests to  Date requests will be taken through March 31, 2019. If you have always wanted to attend an inspection or host an inspection, but the timing has never been quite right, NOW is the time to speak up!

2019 Inspection Plans

We would like to make 2019 a success for the FHS Inspection Tour!  Both site applications and individual inspection entries ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED!!  As indicated above, proposed dates and sites have yet to be determined. However, we are hoping that by taking entries along with the site applications and requested inspection dates, we can better coordinate the needs of all.

Inspection participation is a valuable breeding, training, and marketing tool as well as a way to get stallions approved for breeding. If you want to have your horse inspected, don’t wait for someone else to host a site, host it yourself! Start submitting your applications to host a site NOW! There is NO CHARGE to host a site. The requirements are listed here: Requirements for Hosting an Inspection and the Application to host is located here: Application to Host an FHS Keuring/Inspection Site. If you decide to host a site, we will be there to support you and help you through the process, so it is not a big deal if you have not done this before!
We also are now taking entries! They can be submitted at any time and you will not  be charged for entries until the tour is confirmed. Plenty of advanced notice will be given that charges are about to be made. If you have adult horses that are ready for potential entry into the studbook or possible Star (3 years or older), you already know that you want them to go to an inspection! They don’t have to have been inspected as a foal to now be inspected as an adult. Inspections are a wonderful way to have your mare evaluated by our judge(s) and receive a linear scoresheet that details the strengths and weaknesses of your horse. This can be very beneficial in selecting the stallion that you would like to breed to as well as identify any issues that can be addressed with training. The judge(s) also are made available to answer questions after the inspection is finished for the day and this has proven extremely beneficial as well as informative to the members participating. Remember your Part-Bred Friesians are very welcome at our inspections and are judged according to their own standards located here: FHS Part-Bred BBR.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the FHS office either by e-mail: or by phoning the FHS office: 402-298-7FHS (7347) which is open Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays from  9:00am – 6:00pm in the Central Time Zone.

FHS Registration Papers – Important Information

Documentation of DNA Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus Testing on Registration Papers

As of January, 2018, all breeding horses that are issued registration papers through FHS are required to have DNA testing on file for both dwarfism and hydrocephalus. The BOD has determined that the most responsible way to handle results of these tests is to include any positive results directly on the registration document. This provides notice of positive results to subsequent owners if the horse is sold. The new owner then has the relevant information to continue to breed the horse responsibly. Remember that a positive result does not mean that the horse cannot be bred. It just means that you do not want to breed the horse to another that is a positive carrier of the same genetic defect.

There will be no notation of negative results on registration papers issued after 1/1/2018. For registrations issued before 1/1/2018, testing was not required and no results are shown. However, if a breeding horse registered prior to 1/1/2018 achieves a predicate, has a transfer of ownership or any other situation where issuing an updated registration document occurs, genetic testing for dwarfism and hydrocephalus will be mandatory before an updated registration is issued. The updated document will be dated with the reissue date and follow the above protocol for registrations issued after 1/1/2018.

Correct Horse Ancestry Identification on Registration Papers

When FHS prepares new registration papers for a horse, ancestry information is included for four previous generations. There have been situations in the past where the registration number and/or name of the ancestor recorded on the documentation that we receive is not a correct historical representation of the ancestor. A horse can only have one valid registration number and name in its lifetime. This is the number and name assigned when the horse is first registered with a valid registry that has the authority to issue a UELN number for that breed and location.

There are situations where horses have been assigned different registration numbers unique to a specific organization or have had their name changed during registration with that organization. When FHS encounters such a situation in the preparation of FHS registration papers, the actual name and registration of the horse in question is researched. The correct original name and registration number is then used on the FHS registration papers.

Hopefully this bit of information helps you understand the care and concern that FHS provides in properly registering your Friesians!

Stallion Selection

Whether you are breeding for a Purebred or Part-Bred Friesian, the first step in selecting a stallion is to decide what you are looking for in a foal. Do you want a Purebred foal or a Part-Bred? The traits you will want in the foal should be as described for the breed in the Breeding Book Regulations. These are available on the FHS website: BBR for Purebred Friesians and PBBR for Part-Bred Friesians.

 Make a Checklist

Before looking at any prospective stallions make sure you have a checklist of the traits that are most important for the stallion to have to complement the mare you plan to use for breeding. You want to be sure to choose a stallion that is capable of enhancing your mare’s best qualities so that they are hopefully passed onto the foal.

 Rate Your Mare

Evaluate your mare. What are her strengths, what are her weaknesses? Does she have a good hip, topline, and head? Then check out her movement at the walk trot and canter. To assist in determining her strengths and weaknesses, you can check her linear score sheet from a past Keuring (Inspection). Look at her pedigree and call the FHS office for an Inbreeding Coefficient percentage. All Purebred foals should be no more than 5%.

Have a goal in mind, have a picture of a foal in mind that you are breeding towards. You can see the qualities you will get from your mare, and while you are selecting a stud that compliments the good qualities of your mare, make sure the stallion is strong in the traits where your mare is weak. For example, if your mare has a short neck, the stallion you select should not have a short neck because no matter how good his other qualities are, you will most likely end up with a foal that is short in the neck.

 Look at the Stallions Standing at Stud

Next you will want to consider what stallions are available to you that are within your price range. An approved or provisionally approved stallion would be best because the judges have already deemed him to be of excellent quality. Look for a stallion that has features that compliment your mare. Additionally if your mare has a weak hip, for example, then look for a stallion that has a strong hip. Look at a stallion’s past foals. Are they correct? Do they mature well? Compare the quality of your mare to the quality of mares the stallion has been bred to. A stallion that can produce good foals when bred to mediocre mares is a far more interesting stud prospect than one who has produced average foals when bred to top mares. Discuss stud fee, semen shipping fee, or boarding fee, and mare care (if the mare stays at the stud farm for breeding). Insist on a live foal guarantee, and get all of it in writing.

NEVER breed to a stallion that has not been registered with his parentage verified through DNA. (He may not be a Purebred Friesian.) Additionally, make sure there is DNA on file for the stallion or your foal’s parentage will not be able to be verified and therefore not be able to be registered. (You can call the FHS office to see of a stallion has DNA on file.)

Evaluate Results of Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus Testing

With DNA testing now available for Dwarfism and Hydrocephalus genetic abnormalities, you will want to ensure that if your mare has tested positive for either characteristic, that you breed to a stallion that is negative for that abnormality. Test results should be readily available from stallion owners. As a breeding mare owner, you should have your mare tested to determine her carrier status in order to avoid the potential problems of producing a foal with dwarfism or hydrocephalus.

A Continued Plea for Members to be on the FHS Board of Directors!

We continue to seek people to join the Board of Directors immediately. There are multiple positions available. There is no better place to learn about Friesians and have an impact on the future of FHS than to be a member of the Board. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact the FHS Office at 402-298-7347 or e-mail

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