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The Friesian Horse Society, Inc.

January 2019

Letters For Naming Your 2019 Foals: J K or L

Naming your 2019 Friesian foals

Letters for naming your 2019 purebred Friesian foals are J, K, or L. Naming tips from the FHS Purebred BBR… 2.6.1. Naming the Foal- Each calendar year foal names┬ámust begin with specific letters designated by the KFPS (official mother stambook). Names must be relatively simple, ideally consisting of a single word. Abbreviations of farm names or initials are not allowed to precede a name, but may follow the name if approved by the FHS. Names need not be Dutch. Once processed by the FHS, an owner requesting that a name be changed, can only have this done with the approval of the FHS Board of Directors. If the FHS Board approves the change, the fee listed on the Fee Schedule must be paid in full before new registration papers will be issued.

* * * Member Highlights * * *

Pamela DeVore and Fauston NAF – Congratulations are again in order for this dynamic duo! Fauston NAF has now obtained his Sport Predicate!

Fee Changes for 2019

As 2018 comes to a close the FHS Board of Directors has done its annual review of income/expenses. All FHS fees have remained the same since the Board lowered them in 2012. Unfortunately, the cost of providing member services has increased over those past 6 years and has now got to the point where it requires the Board to make changes in order to be able to continue to provide quality member services such as registrations, an inspection program, and support the USDF/USEF awards programs to our members who show their horses, to name a few. In an attempt to keep the increases as minimal as possible, the Board restructured the membership fees to make them all inclusive. There will only be 2 categories of membership going forward: Horse owners and non-horse owners. The annual membership fee will still be for an entire year and horse owners will only have to pay $10.42 per month or 34 cents per day. For this, ALL members who own horses will have full benefits such as: registrations, horse show awards support, free advertising (farms, stallions, sales) on the FHS website, 5 day a week telephone office support, easy online payments via the FHS PayPal account, ability to participate in Inspection Tours, inbreeding coefficient calculations and much much more too numerous to mention. We look forward to serving your UELN (UELN website Welcome) International Registration needs as we maintain this comprehensive registry for Friesians, Part-Bred Friesians, & Arabo-Friesians by adhering to the Breeding Book Regulations (BBR) based on KFPS (European motherstudbook) standards and recognizing ALL B and D Book registers in addition to the main studbook. We will also continue to support our very own Part-Bred Friesians Breeding Book Regulations (PBBR) as developed by our own Part-Bred Membership. Sincerely, FHS BOD

A Continued Plea for Members to be on the FHS Board of Directors!

We continue to seek people to join the Board of Directors immediately. There are multiple positions available. There is no better place to learn about Friesians and have an impact on the future of FHS than to be a member of the Board. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact the FHS Office at 402-298-7347 or e-mail

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