The Friesian Horse Society

Comprehensive Registry for Friesians, Part-Bred Friesians & Arabo-Friesians

Breeding Book Regulations based on KFPS (European motherstudbook) standards All B and D Book registers are recognized Breeding Book Regulations for Part-Bred Friesians Have UELN recognition for the Friesian in the USA and Canada
Sample FHS Registration Documents

FHS has the Universal Equine Life Number to register the Friesian horse in the United States and Canada.

All Registries that participate in the International recognition that a UELN provides, have a UELN for their breed in their country. For instance, the KFPS has the UELN for the Friesian in the Netherlands.

This UELN will insure that your FHS registered Friesian can be uniquely identified throughout the world! Registries participating in the UELN have the ability to exchange important data concerning the horses such as the pedigree, owner, breeder, etc..


Slide Promote & Preserve International Registration The Friesian Horse The FHS has been serving North American Breeders for over 20 years. We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to both promote and preserve the beautiful Friesian horse through education and strict registration standards, as originated in the Netherlands for this Dutch breed. Established in 1992 as a European North American affiliate, since 2007 the FHS now serves as an Independent North American Friesian Registry having obtained the Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) for the Friesian horse in the United States and Canada providing International registration for all Friesians with traceable lineage, with its primary goal being the breeding of pure offspring of this unique, centuries-old breed of horse. The Friesian horse, though well known for its beauty, shining black coat, luxuriant mane, tail and feathering, and powerful, high-stepping gait, is also beloved for its easy-going temperament and companionable nature. Whether competing in upper level dressage tests, performing on the carriage driving circuit or just going for a trail ride, the Friesian quickly becomes a member of the family.

FHS approved & provisionally approved stallions