The Friesian Horse Society

Part-Bred Friesians

FHS registers Part-Bred Friesians (with proof of heritage) that are at least 50% Friesian. Microchiping and DNA is required for all registered horses and is included in the registration fee.

Crossbreeding took place centuries ago and has again become popular in recent years. By taking the Friesian qualities and mixing them with qualities from other breeds, a very unique blend of equine abilities and features are attained by the Friesian influence.

In 2011, FHS developed Breeding Book Regulations especially for Part-Bred Friesians. The PBBR offers guidelines for breeders to produce a versatile horse that displays a functional well-proportioned conformation combined with characteristics of the Friesian breed, health and vitality, and an aptitude for achievement in equestrian sports.

All Part-Bred Friesians registered or recorded with FHS are eligible to be judged at FHS Inspections and receive premiums and predicates. The purpose of an Inspection is to have the horses inspected by independent reputable judges to give an unbiased assessment of conformation and movement, as it relates to the standard set in the PBBR. Inspections also aid breeders by educating about what they are producing and how to improve the breed and to hopefully increase the value of the horses. FHS registered Part-Bred Friesians are eligible to compete at IFSHA events and also eligible for sport predicates with FHS from scores they have earned at USEF sanctioned events with USDF, ADS, USHJA, and USEA.

Membership Benefits

  • Internationally recognized Registration papers for all (with proof of heritage) Friesians & Part-Bred Friesians, utilizing the FHS Universal Equine Life Number (UELN) for Friesians in the USA & Canada. BBR based on KFPS standards and all B-book & D-book Registers are recognized.
  • FHS Registered horses are recognized by USEF, USDF, and IFSHA.
  • FHS/USDF members competing in approved competitions will also be eligible for the U.S. Dressage Finals and the All Breeds Awards Program.
  • European Papers and FEI Passports for Arabo-Friesians through EAFS.
  • Annual Inspections to evaluate the conformation, performance, and beauty of your horses. Results describing strengths and weaknesses, with an unbiased standardized, quantitative scoring system.
  • Free advertising for your horses or items for sale on the FHS website.
  • A monthly publication called “The Friesian Brief” to keep you updated on FHS news, North American events, educational articles, stories and more.
  • Listing for Approved/Provisionally Approved Stallions on the website homepage and in the monthly publication, “The Friesian Brief.”
  • A password to the Members Forum on the FHS website, which has news and information for members only.
  • Discounts on membership renewals for new member referrals.
  • Specially designed Friesian items to show your support of FHS.
  • Discounts for equine products and services from designated vendors.
  • Unsurpassed support from FHS.

Universal Equine Life Number

FHS has the Universal Equine Life Number to register the Friesian horse in the United States and Canada.

All Registries that participate in the International recognition that a UELN provides, have a UELN for their breed in their country. For instance, the KFPS has the UELN for the Friesian in the Netherlands.

This UELN will insure that your FHS registered Friesian can be uniquely identified throughout the world! Registries participating in the UELN have the ability to exchange important data concerning the horses such as the pedigree, owner, breeder, etc.