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About the Annual Inspection Tour

FHS offers an annual Inspection Tour where all Friesians & Part-Bred Friesians, with traceable lineage, are eligible to be judged and receive premiums and predicates. The purpose of an Inspection is primarily for the evaluation and selection of Friesian breeding stock. All horses are inspected by independent reputable judges to give an unbiased assessment of conformation and movement, as it relates to the standard set in the Breeding Book Regulations. Inspections are also a valuable tool for breeders and their breeding programs. By educating about what they are producing, and how to improve the breed, it will hopefully increase the value of the horses.

Stallions may also be presented as candidates for breeding approval.

At the Inspection horses are shown in hand on a triangle at the walk and trot, then turned loose to evaluate all the gaits at liberty. Scores are based on 40% conformation 60% movement. All horses judged will receive a linear score sheet and judge(s) comments. Owners may also speak with the judge when the Inspection is over for further information.

Categories Available for Inspection

Every horse must be registered prior to Inspection

Foals: Colts and Fillies will have a Linear score sheet filled out and be scored for a Premium.

Yearlings and 2 Year olds: The horse will have a Linear score sheet filled out and be scored for a Premium.

3 year old Mares & Geldings: The horse will have a Linear score sheet filled out and measured for height and scored for a Premium. “Star” predicate will be awarded if scoring and height is sufficient. Registration papers will be submitted for updating to Studbook or Star.

3 year old or older Foal Book Stallions: Will have a Linear score sheet filled out and be measured. Scoring will include a Premium, scoring for Star, and the possibility of becoming a “Provisionally Approved Stallion”. Provisional Approval means the stallion is eligible to become an Approved Studbook Stallion based on Performance or through Stallion Performance Testing (SPT).

Star Mares: Will have a Linear score sheet filled out and be measured. Scoring will include, Provisional Crown (4 yr. old minimum) or Provisional Model (7 yr. old minimum). If advised for Crown or Model, the Mare must pass a performance test (IBOP) ideally within the next year.

Repeat Evaluations: Age, training and conditioning can sometimes improve the scores of a horse. Therefore, you may have your horses evaluated multiple times in order to have their status upgraded. Stallions may also be presented multiple times in order to achieve a score as a “Provisionally Approved Stallion”.

IBOP Test: Mares who have been designated as Provisional Crown or Model must take an IBOP riding or driving test. If scoring is sufficient they will be issued the respective predicate.

Inspection Fees: Entry fees are $70 per horse, plus $200 for judge(s) travel/hotel. The judge(s) expenses are an estimate. Depending on how many horses are entered for inspection, the fee may be less.

Note: Owners need to to be aware that there are different height, age, and score requirements for the various mare Predicates (Star, Crown, and Model) and Star or Provisionally Approved Stallion selection. For more information on these requirements go to the Friesian BBR or Part-Bred PBBR.

FHS Inspection Judges

Judith K. Warner

FHS Lead USA Judge, Judith K. Warner is a lifelong horsewoman. She holds 8 judging licenses, including her Friesian judging license which she received in 2005. She is currently on the USEF Friesian committee and was USEF Clinician for the Friesian Judges Seminar in 2006 and 2007.

Judith has been an Inspection judge for FHS since 2007. She has judged at over 20 National and World Championships including the IFSHA Grand Nationals in 2005 and 2011.

Judith has also attended numerous KFPS Keurings and stallion shows in the Netherlands. She is the only USEF Friesian judge to have been in attendance and in the ring with the Dutch inspectors at any Keurings.

Some other Friesian events that Judith has judged at include:

  • Northeast Friesian Classic Horse Show, Swansey, NH 2002
  • Northeast Friesian Horse Club Classic Horse Show, Topsfield, MA 2005
  • Baroque Horse Festival, Elkorn, WI 2006
  • FHANA World Friesian Horse Extravaganza & Competition, Springfield, OH 2007
  • Blue Ridge Classic HS, (Friesian Division) Fletcher, NC 2008
  • Great Lakes Country Classic HS (Friesian Division) Ludington, MI 2008
  • Northeast Friesian Classic Horse Show, Topsfield, MA 2009

Catharina J.W. Modderman van Dorssen

FHS lead Dutch inspector from the Netherlands has a list of impeccable qualifications that include:

  • National Judges Courses: AVS
  • Intern. ECAHO Judges Courses
  • Listed on the A-List since: 1994
  • Listed on the B-List since: 1986

She has also judged at the following major shows:

  • 17.-18.9.05 – Dutch National Championships, Ermelo/NL, 6
  • 1.5.04 – VIBA National C Show, Bryne/NO,
  • 28.-29.8.04 – Dutch Nationals, Drunen/NL,
  • 23.-24.8.2003 – Dutch Nationals, Bunschoten/NL

She began the FHS Inspection program in 2007 and returned for the 2008 Tour continuing to mentor our US judges.

In January of 2012, our lead US Inspector, Judith Warner, met with her at the 2012 KFPS STALLION KEURING, IN LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS. It was an intense 3 days of studying over 100 stallions. This included the ones hoping to be selected to go on to the stallion testing, as well as the presentation of the already approved stallions. They also attended various clinics covering a broad range of topics relative to the Friesian horse. One example is, information on Judging the IBOP test.