The Friesian Horse Society

Inspection Entry Form

DEADLINE FOR THIS FORM: August 15th  This form allows you to enter 3 horses for inspection. If you have more than 3 horses to enter, you will need to fill out an additional form(s).

REQUIREMENTS:Horse owner must be a current member of FHS.

  • Horse must be registered with FHS, KFPS, FPZV, or with another UELN registry that does parent verification through DNA. If other than an FHS registered horse, your horse will need to be added to the FHS database by filling out an Entry into FHS Database Form and paying the appropriate fees. If your horse is not currently registered you need to have an Application for Registration form submitted to FHS and the appropriate fees paid.
  • Copy of horse’s registration paper must be sent to the FHS office (via email, mail, or fax)
  • Horse’s original registration paper must be brought to the Inspection.
  • Inspection fees: $70 per horse inspected or IBOP Test, $200 Stallion for Provisional Breeding Approval or Star, plus $200 per horse for judges travel/hotel.
  • You will be sent an invoice from the FHS Treasurer for the total fees due. Fees must be paid by the deadline date above.
  • Late entry fee: $100

NOTE: No fees will be collected until there are enough horses for an Inspection Site to pay for itself. When there are enough, the FHS Treasurer will send an invoice for the total fee due and it must be paid within 5 business days.