The Friesian Horse Society

FHS Horse Registration Form

This form is for registering Friesians or Part-Bred Friesians, foals or adults that do not already have a UELN registration paper (with any Registry). If your horse already has a registration paper with another UELN registry, you can fill out the “Entry into FHS Database” form, then FHS can register its offspring (both parents must be in FHS database to do so).


Requirements for this registration are:


      • You must have a current FHS membership.  If you do not currently have a membership please fill out a “Membership Form”.
      • If you are registering a new Friesian foal the name needs to begin with the designated lettering format for the year of birth (Part-Bred Friesians have no naming requirement).
      • Microchip and DNA on file:  If the horse you want to register does not currently have, or if you are registering a new foal, we will send you a DNA kit & Microchip.  If the horse already has DNA on file, you will need to provide us with the lab and case #.  If the horse already has a microchip, a “Veterinary Certification of Microchip Identification Form” must be filled out, signed by your Veterinarian, and returned to us.
      • You must provide a copy of both the Sire & Dam registration papers as well as DNA profiles. If you cannot provide this, fees in addition to registration may apply.  Please mail, email or fax documents to us.
  • $135 registration fee.
  • Once all requirements are met and fee(s) paid, an original Registration Document will be issued by FHS.

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