The Friesian Horse Society

Application for Horse Change of Name



  • Owner MUST be a CURRENT FHS member
  • Any name change is subject to approval by the FHS Board of Directors or EAFS.  If approval is denied, fees will be refunded.
  • You will need to send the original Registration Paper & Passport (if horse has one) to the FHS office. If name change is approved, new document(s) will be issued in the new name.
  • Owner of the horse will always have to use both names if filling out forms or publishing the horse’s name.  For example…… Original name: Maxwell. New name: Maximus…….will need to be shown as “Maxwell (Maximus)”
  • If the horse is a stallion or a mare & has not yet been tested for the anomalies of Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus, this will need to be done before any new documents are issued.
  • $300 fee

After submitting form at bottom of page your purchase and checkout options will be next. You will be able to pay either online with your Credit Card, a PayPal account or mail in your payment by check.