The Friesian Horse Society

Application for Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership Instructions:




  • After submitting this form and paying the $70 fee, complete the transfer of ownership on the back of the existing FHS laminated pedigree document and mail it and the Passport (if horse has one) to the FHS office.  The new owner will be recorded and a new Registration Document will be issued and sent to the new owner, with the new owner’s information printed on it. If the horse is a stallion or a mare who has not yet been tested for the anomalies of Dwarfism & Hydrocephalus, this testing will need to be completed BEFORE the new registration document will be issued.

  • NOTE: Either the seller or buyer must have a current FHS membership before the transfer can be completed. If this is not the case, someone needs to fill out & submit a Membership Form on our forms page. 

At the bottom of form your purchase and checkout options will be next. You will be able to pay either online with your Credit Card, a PayPal account or mail in your payment by check.