The Friesian Horse Society

Arabo-Friesian Registration Rules

European Arabo-Friesians Studbook.

Translations below provided from EAFS website

Article 1

To maintain and ensure an authentic sport-label, the European Arabo-Friesian Studbook (E.A.F.S.) assumes full responsibility for the breeding and registration of the Arabo-Friesian horse.

In the pre-amble phase of the development of this breed (up to Jan 2007), we have had to register the Arabo-Friesians by a “EEC recognized” Studbook service.

We worked closely together with the following Studbooks: the Anglo-European studbook (AES) and the Nederlandse Rijpaarden- and Pony Studbook (NRPS).

With these studbooks it was agreed that all correspondence, foal reports, and documents would be handled through the address of our seat and secretary.

All pedigrees and passports passed via our Secretary for our own double-checking and registration and subsequently we attach our sticker, indicating whether that horse has a sport-certificate and if it is a recognized Arabo-Friesian. After payment of the administration fee, the documents/passports were sent to our members. Our shadow-registration enables us to survey the rough position of the breeding in general.

From January 2007 onwards, however, we will edit the pedigrees and passports ourselves, as we have now been a recognized “Mother Studbook” since November 13th, 2006.

 We have accomplished total uniformity in the way Arabo-Friesians are registered by all studbooks and in all countries. Change of ownership, export or import is also run via our office, which will register each horse in our corresponding Studbooks.

The addresse of our permanent Secretary is:
Secretary EAFS, Attn. Mrs. Wilfrieda Smits
Bleekstraat 11/501
2800 Mechelen

TEL:  015 410 417


Below is the model of our register set up, which should be used in the registration of Arabo-Friesian horses, in conformity with our EAFS rules.

Article 2 Set Up of the studbook
There are 2 sections.
First the HEAD SECTION with 4 classes

  1. Arabo-Friesian Foal Book
  2. Arabo-Friesian Studbook registered mares.
  3. Arabo-Friesian Studbook registered Stallions
  4. Arabo-Friesian Studbook + Sport certificate, registered mares.

Next to the head section, we have the SUPPLEMENTARY SECTION with 4 classes, namely

  1. Arabo-Friesian Foal book B-book I
  2. Arabo-Friesian Studbook registered mares B-book I
  3. Arabo-Friesian Studbook + Sport certificate registered mares B-book I
  4. Arabo-Friesian Foal book B-book II

Article 3 Procedure for Foals to become registered in one of our sections: 

As soon as a Friesian or Arabo-Friesian mare is covered by an EAFS licensed or approved stallion, the mare’s owner receives a covering/insemination form from the stallion owner. This form states the details/identification of the stallion and the mare and the dates of covers.

After the covering season, the stallion owner sends the copy of the covering notification to our office.

The mare owner must send the completed birth report to the EAFAS office, together with a copy of the mother’s pedigree and a chip bar-code, to ensure that the foal will be registered in the Studbook.

If possible the breeder, along with the foal must attend a judging (keuring), organized by the EAFS to have the foal judged and chipped.

The foal will be registered in one of the appropriate Foal Book registers for Arabo-Friesian horses and the owner will receive (after payment) the authentic pedigree and horse passport.

Article 4 naming the foal

The names of the foals born in a particular year must begin with designated letters. These letters are determined annually and are the same as the beginning letters of pure Friesian names in a particular year. The foals name may occur only once per year. If the name exists already our secretary will add the first letter of the breeder’s name.

Article 5 Set up of the HEAD SECTION

To be registered as an Arabo-Friesian horse in the Head Section, the following qualifications must be met:

  1. The horse must have pure Arabian blood between

      a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 40%.

  1. The horse must have at least 55% pure confirmed Friesian blood.
  2. The horse must have the missing blood percentage filled with blood from the following pure baroque breeds:
  3. Pura Raza Espagnola (PRE), Lusitano, Lippizaner of Kladruber, Orloff, Morgan
  4. and/ or a maximum of 12.5% warm-blooded (e.g. KWPN, NRPS, BWP, SBS, Westfaal, Rheinland, Selle Francais, etc).

     The total percentage of English thoroughbred cannot exceed  3.2%.

The Head Section consist of the following 4 classes with registers

  1. Arabo-Friesian Foal Book
  2. Arabo-Friesian Studbook mares.
  3. Arabo-Friesian Studbook Stallions
  4. Arabo-Friesian Studbook + Sport certificate, mares.

Article 6 Registration in the Arabo-Friesian HEAD SECTION, Foal Book

In the Head Section Foal Book Arabo-Friesian foals can be registered that descend from:

  1. An EAFS-licensed or approved Arabo-Friesian stallion and Arabo-Friesian mare, that is already registered in our Head Section or supplementary Section, B-Book I
  2. An EAFS-licensed or approved Arabo-Friesian stallion and pure Friesian mare that is registered in the Head Section or B-book I of the Friesian Horse Studbook (KFPS).

     (V-book, Stb. or Ster pure Friesian mare)

  1. An AEFS-recognised approved pure Friesian stallion and a Arabo-Friesian mare, that is already registered in our Head Section or B-Book I

Article 7 Registration with the Arabo-Friesian HEAD SECTION, Studbook mares

In the Head Section Studbook Mares can be registered Arabo-Friesian mares that are registered in the Head Section Foal Book, that have participated in one of the EAFS organized judgments, meet all demands and criteria mentioned in Article 5 and

–         Have a minimum height of 1.52 meters at age 3

–         Have a minimum height of 1.55 meters at a higher age

–         And the product must totally meet all demands regarding type and pace (see description of the breed) so that it can be registered in the Head Section.

All mares that do not meet these conditions remain registered in the Foal Book. Their offspring will be excluded from the Sport certificate, but can be registered in the Head Book, provided they meet the criteria.

Article 8 Registration with the Arabo-Friesian HEAD SECTION, Studbook + Sport certificate mares

In the Head Section Studbook + Sport certificate Mares can be registered Arabo-Friesian mares that have received the Preliminary Sport certificate as a foal by the Breeding Technical Committee at the foal judgment, met all demands and criteria mentioned in articles 5 and 7 at age 3 or older when judged at a EAFS organized judging site for Studbook Registration and were judged as registration-worthy by the Jury according to the criteria of the description of the breed.

Arabo-Friesian mares that performed very well in sports and have met our sports criteria

(See our Sport-Regulations) may receive a Definite Sport certificate, which is the highest mark of distinction in our breeding. This applies to mares that already had a Preliminary Sport certificate, but also to mares that did not receive this as a foal but nevertheless did very well in sport. The latter will be transferred from the Head Section Studbook to the Head Section Studbook + Sport certificate.

Article 9 Registration with the Arabo-Friesian HEAD SECTION, Studbook Stallions

In the Head Section Studbook Stallions can be registered Arabo-Friesian stallions that participated in one of the EAFA organized Stallion Judgments, meet all the demands and criteria mentioned in article 5 and

–         Have a minimum height of 1.58 meters at age 3

–         Have a minimum height of 1.60 meters at a higher age

–         And the product must totally meet all our demands regarding type and pace (see description of the breed) so that it can be registered in the Head Section

The names of approved stallions may be changed (while mentioning the former name between brackets behind it (guideline 427/EG)) the new name will finally be determined by the EAFA Board. The requirements of the owner(s) will be considered as much as possible. Every name may only be used once in 50 years time for an approved stallion.

Article 10 Set up of the SUPPLEMENTARY SECTION
The supplementary section of our register consists of a Bijboek I and Bijboek II

The B-book I consists of the following 3 classes with registers:

          1   Arabo-Friesian foals   B-book I-register, (BI/Vb)

          2   Arabo-Friesian mares B-book I-register, (BI/Stb)

          3   Arabo-Friesian mares B-book I-register + Sport certificate. (BI/Stb./Sport)

The B-book II consists of the following only register:

–         B-book II for Arabo-Friesian foals (BII/Vb)

Article 11 Registration with the Arabo-Friesian mare BIJBOEK I
In the Arabo-Friesian Mares B-book can be registered:

  1. Mares from regular coverings, as described in article 5, that do NOT meet the required blood limits. (e.g. all 50/50% crossed mares from approved parents)
  2. Mares that DO meet the required blood limits, but come from:
  3. An EAFS-recognized Friesian Vb Stallion abroad and mares that are registered in either our Head- or B-Book II Sections.
  4. An EAFS-recognized Arabo-Friesian Vb Stallion abroad and pure Friesian mares or Arabo-Friesian mares.
  5. Mares from recognized approved stallions, that DO meet the required blood limits, but ascend from B-book II Vb-mares, that have a approved stallion in the mother-line for 2 more generations in a row.

All stallion foals remain in the Foal Book.

Article 12 Registration with Arabo-Friesian BIJBOEK II **
In the Arabo-Friesian B-book II can be registered:

  1. All descendants from crossings of the breeds defined in Article 5, provided they have at least 50% Friesian blood.
  2. All descendants of NOT approved to breed or not recognized Arabian, Arabo-Friesian or Friesian stallions and Friesian or Arabo-Friesian mares with documents.

(Except for Friesian x Friesian; the product should always be a crossing)

  1. Descendants from Arabo-Friesian stallions and Friesian type mares without documents or with not-European-recognized documents.

** Note: Of all mares and their products that can be registered with the B-book II, the descent must be established, as required in European regulations for these kind of products, namely by DNA-examination. Expenses will be charged to the owner of the mare as well as extra administration fee.

The products of mares, registered in the B-book II can only be recorded in the B-book I AFTER 3 generations, provided the products in all 3 generations descent from an officially approved Friesian or Arabo-Friesian stallion.

Article 13 Identification

The foals in all registers must be chipped in their year of birth, according to the law in the nation of birth. Also the foal should still be with its mother.  All foals that participate at a breeding day / Studbook judging or judging at home, must be chipped at that same event.

If a breeder is absolutely not able to have a foal judged, he/she can have the foal chipped at home by a recognized veterinarian or passport consultant, provided the foal is beside their dam.

If one neglects to do so, DNA-examination is necessary, with extra administration fee.

Article 14 Predicates

Our horses are sport horses and therefore do not receive predicates like “Star”, “Model” or “Preferent”. Predicates or premiums are no certainty for the level of performance. However at judging we do give a Preliminary Sport certificate to foals with promising genes to users value. This certificate can be exchanged for a definite sport certificate when that particular horse has met the sport demand. Also horses that perform excellently but previously did NOT receive a Preliminary Sport certificate can get the definite sport certificate!  In this organization, Arabo-Friesians with a DEFINITE Sport certificate, have reached the highest distinction.

By attaching an indelible sticker on passports and pedigrees we distinguish which section the Arabo-Friesian horse is registered and whether they are with or without a sport certificate.

Article 15 Transfer of ownership/ export/ import

All changes of ownership of the horses must be conducted through our secretary. If in a certain country a recognized affiliate national Association exist the paperwork should pass via the nation’s secretary.

In the event an Arabo-Friesian horse was registered with one of the other Studbooks or in the event of import or export, the EAFS will indicate exactly in which corresponding register the other studbook of the new owner the concerning horse or foal must be recorded.

However we will recommend registration of the Arabo-Friesian horses centrally with our EAFA.

The original passport will not change and remains with the horse for life.

Pedigrees are the official and legal proof of bloodlines. Ownership changes/transfers will be marked on the pedigree.

A lost pedigree can be substituted by a copy-pedigree, but only after a secure procedure and a costly fee.

Keep your original pedigree in a safe place.  It is a valuable document and not easily replaced.